The London Rut

My dearest readers, I have a confession to make. Despite my many travels, I’ve been in kind of a rut lately.

It’s not that London isn’t great. It is. London is as magical and foggy as ever. It’s not you, London. It’s me.

You see, as in any relationship, there was the honeymoon phase. Everything seemed so exciting. Every British accent I heard sounded like music to my ears. Riding the Tube was an adventure. The fish and chips seemed so exotic. All that rain? Charming as ever.

"You're in London and you aren't doing anything exciting?!?! Blasphemy!" I know, Buzzfeed dog. Also, I've been spending way too much time on Buzzfeed.

“You’re in London and you aren’t doing anything exciting?!?! Blasphemy!” I know, Buzzfeed dog. I know.

But something happened, dear reader. Maybe it started when I realized I can stream Netflix over here. Perhaps it was when I found that staying inside is a sure fire way to avoid getting wet. Whatever it was, the point is that I slowed down and got a little lazy. A lot of people forget that when you go abroad, at some point you have to make a life for yourself. You can’t go out every night and you have to go to class during the day. You have to buy groceries and do your laundry and buy more shampoo when you run out.

Basically, there comes a time when being abroad just feels…well, normal.

Now here I am, done with classes and just finishing up my final essays and exams. Thus, it is time to dig myself out of this London Rut. In order to do this, I have created the London Bucket List of things I said I would do here but haven’t yet. And I’m hoping that posting it on here will force me to actually do it. Here goes nothing:


The Last-Weeks-in-London Bucket List

British Museum
Do something Beatles related — Abbey Road?
Go to Chelsea, for obvious reasons
Take a UK day trip
Doctor Who Experience
Sherlock Holmes Museum
The Clink Prison Museum
Red telephone box photo op
Pub crawl
Canary Warf
Maritime Greenwich
More tea
Take a walking tour


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