Too much orienting, just a little sightseeing

So today was another orientation day, this time at City University. They essentially told us stuff we already knew for 4 hours about being in college. Going to school here doesn’t seem all that different from the U.S. They really should tell us useful information that will help us adapt to the culture here. For example, people in London call things by different names, which causes major confusion and makes you look ridiculous. Here is a list of such items that I have heard so far:

America                   UK
Arugala                   Rocket
Eggplant                Aubergine
Pay as you go         Top off

I will add to this list as I discover other weird names for things. Anyway, the rest of the day was spend fighting the jet lag and wandering around Piccadilly Circus. It is, in fact, not a circus…more like the Times Square of London. Then we finished out the day with dinner at the FIRST EVER Hard Rock Cafe. Can all the orienting be over so I can work on the fun stuff?


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