‘Ello London!

Hey Americans! I am officially now a continent away from you! I am writing this from my bed in my new flat in London, aka Crawford House (still not sure why so many buildings have names ending in house). There are two rooms with three people each, two bathrooms and a stocked kitchen, all strangely crammed onto three ridiculously small floors. It’s nice and cozy, but I definitely can’t say the same for the weather outside. No rain yet, but it’s only been two days so maybe London is trying to ween me into this weather situation slowly.

Not too many interesting things have happened thus far, but I’ll give a little play-by-play anyway because I know my mom will read this and want to know all this stuff. Hi Mom!

When I arrived in London it was 10 am, so about 2 am PST. I did not sleep on the plane. I saw that everyone else also brought absurdly large luggage, which made me feel a lot better. This guy named Robbie from ACCENT, the study abroad company taking care of us, picked us up from the airport. After we dropped the bags off at the flats, we went out to lunch with Robbie and Sabrina, our study abroad adviser from USC who we didn’t know was here. Awkward. Then we went to Primark, which is a weird mix between Target and Forever 21, but it took forever because we didn’t know the bus system yet. Then we ate dinner. Then I passed out. Longest day of my life.

Today we woke up, did a little walking tour of the area, followed by a short orientation at ACCENT.  We picked up a few necessities and some groceries, and I got a British cell phone. We thought about going to sightsee, but by the time all the boring stuff was over it was already dark because the sun sets here at 3:30 pm, no joke. Instead we opted to walk around Covent Garden, one of the theater (or should I say theatre?) districts of London, which was very classy.  I have yet to eat any British food or have any tea, but have had Italian twice. Here are some pics:

Do you know the muffin man?

Do you know the muffin man? I do.


Covent Gardens Market: very cute, very classy


My favorite window display


Macarons at Laudree, which is apparently famous




Rocking the headband because I can’t feel my ears

Lovely Covent Garden

Lovely Covent Garden

The Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House


Vegas in London, obvious photo op

Tomorrow is our orientation for City University and that lasts until Friday. Until next time, when hopefully more interesting things are happening!


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