Bright Lights and Tube Strikes

Last night was the most exciting evening of my time in London thus far BECAUSE I WENT TO SEE TAYLOR SWIFT IN CONCERT AT THE O2 ARENA. It was everything I and my 15-year-old self ever dreamed of. Lots of people like to hate on Taylor, and I admit, sometimes her songs make her sound like a psycho girlfriend with a lot of mood swings. But I don’t care. She gets me. She’s great and I want to be her best friend. The only downside of the concert was the fact that a scheduled Tube strike began immediately afterward and it took an hour to get home via the bus in the rain with nearly dead iPhones. Not cool, Tube.

Nonetheless, it was a seriously awesome night of dancing and shouting Taylor Swift songs. The lady in front of me with her 13-year-old daughter even called me “love” when she spoke to me — such a British moment. Here are some concert pics for your enjoyment.


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