Too Cool (and Cloudy and Rainy) For School

First week of school: check! Despite some scheduling drama, I’d say it went pretty smoothly. I also learned a lot, not necessarily in class, but definitely about education in the U.K.

College here is really different from America for several reasons. First of all, everything is called different things, which at this point is nothing new. College is called uni, classes are modules, schedules are timetables, discussions are seminars/tutorials. Also, classes are held only once a week for an hour, followed by an hour discussion, but all the professors expect you to do outside reading and studying. Grades are based on one or two essays instead of multiple assignments. It’s not unusual for people to skip class — okay, maybe that’s the same as America.┬áIt’s been a confusing couple days.


I’m taking two journalism classes, Reporting Conflict and Visual Journalism, and two social sciences, Exploring London and Issues in Global Politics. I’m also in a class that meets on (some) Fridays known as Print Project, in which we are to conceptualize and write one really long feature story about something London-related. Our professor for the project is the coolest British person I’ve met so far. He worked for Reuters wire service for like a hundred years and he totally understands our position as study abroad students who don’t really want to sit in a classroom all the time, especially on Fridays. Plus, he already offered us some great London tips, like how to get cheap theater tickets, so I actually did learn something today.

Because the two hours of school per day was so time consuming, I didn’t do too many London-y things this week or take very many pictures. I did, however, go out to eat a really good breakfast this morning at a place called The Breakfast Club. Feast your eyes.


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