I’m Not A Tourist, But Not Yet A Local

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for — or maybe just me — sightseeing! On Saturday, I saw all the big ones, literally. Big Ben and the London Eye are obviously major , and I didn’t realize how close they are to each other. A landmark photo shoot ensued, and the results are below. This was followed by an excursion to Buckingham Palace, where I said hi to the Queen real quick. We didn’t have a change to go in/explore the area too much, but for a first visit, I think we did okay.

There was also a little Chinatown and M&M World thrown in there. For dinner, we went to a French bakery with awesome desserts and an owner who thought everything we said was hilarious.

The weekend was rounded out with our first actual day of rain and a visit to Camden Market, the most hipster place I have ever seen. There was a lot of cool stuff, but also a lot of scary goth stuff. After meandering around for a bit, we stopped at the all-important Harry Potter photo op at King’s Cross Station. Life complete.

Remember how in my last post I said we miss American food and were craving Chipotle? Well, we found a Chipotle. And we ate dinner there. And it tasted like freedom.

Finally, few things to add to the new names for stuff list:

UK                            America
Rocket                      Arugala
Aubergine               Eggplant
Top off                     Pay as you go
Queue                      Line. (They are not interchangeable. It is also a verb: queuing. I hate it.)
Anti-social              Disorderly conduct punishable by law
Busking                   Loitering
Toastie                     Panini

So that was the weekend, and school finally starts tomorrow. That means I’m no longer only a tourist here, kind of! I probably should go to sleep now because it’s 2:34 am . This jet lag does not let up. Cheerio! (I hope to meet someone here who says that.)


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