I Left My Heart in Edinburgh

Cue the bagpipes. I can finally say that I am a true study abroad student because I have officially completed an important right of passage in the life of an American twenty-something-year-old on the continent of Europe. I’m obviously talking about my first weekend trip, complete with backpack. My roommate Jill and I spent an incredible two days in Edinburgh, and I now officially love Scotland. Continue reading

The Show Must Go On

Since I last wrote a post, I’ve achieved a milestone: my first show in London! My roommates and I have been talking about going to a show for weeks since we live about a 10 minute bus ride from the West End, the Broadway of London, and there are some killer student discounts. The only downside is that to get the discounts, you have to get to the box office before 10 a.m. to wait in line, and we are not early risers. Continue reading